How to look very pretty? 

How to look very pretty?




What an elegant head tuner pretty woman? Well, every beautiful woman is worth such a compliment only with a trick or two up her sleeve.  A beautiful lady keeps glossy hair and pretty nails, traces of her scents that freshens everywhere she goes, and the drop-dead gorgeous eyes with a masterpiece of perfectly dressed that speaks of beauty and grace. But wait, there is more! Wear that killer-smile and step out with confidence, and the whole world will be at your feet. Ready? Here are ways that can make you look very pretty.

1. Work on your eyes and eyelids sweet spots


Your eyes reflects the impeccable beauty from within and on you with equal measure, even better when you understand your eye and eyelids sweet spots. Use mascara to add a magical touch and thickness to your lashes. But you are not done yet! Having beautiful eyes that stand out would require you to learn and master some easy yet useful skills that would add charm to your eyes sure to linger all around you.

Begin with an eyelash curler that will clamp your eyelashes as well as tilt them upwards. And the results? Your eyes will look bigger, enchanting, and more open. Even better, you can use falsies for a more dramatic and pretty looking eyes that would certainly add a rear yet admirable beauty

Also use a concealer underneath your eyes so as to offset or lessen the usual dark circle seen under the eye. Remember to shape your eyebrows to achieve that exquisite striking look. Lastly use a light eye shadow on your brow bone and lid, medium colour shadow within the crease, and finally darker shadow on your lash line. In truth, your eyes will shine an endless aura that will be envied by many.

2. Keep your hair stylish and trendy


From super high ponytails to lazy girls bedheads spiced with layers, colour as well as styling can rev up your image in a thousand beautiful ways. But what’s the catch when it comes to styling your hair to stand out and make you very pretty? Well, we all know that different hair styles comes out differently on different people. But the good news is that the more you get to understand your type of hairstyle the more you will love to explore different styles within your hairstyle niche.

To begin with, matching your face shape with your hairstyle is the first and foremost never-to-disappoint hairstyle trick. You can bet to look good with most hairstyles if you have a round face. A square face on the other hand will do well with side-swept bangs, layers and waves that falls and drops longer than your jawline. Besides, a heart-shaped face will look stunning with chin-length layers whereas diamond face goes nicely with hairstyles that are full on the sides.

The pretty looking, off the hook hairstyle is normally born from the use hairsprays. A warm skin tone will perfectly go with sheds of strawberry hairsprays while brighter reds hairsprays will do well with blue to pink blue skin tones. There are thousands of different hairsprays out there, just make sure you look for the one that will certainly bring out the beautiful lady in you.

3. Dress trendily with perfectly fitting clothing


That elegant red flowing dress made from premium cosy and velvet fabrics can turn your into sizzling hot beautiful woman. But this is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to fashion and trends. Just like your hairstyle, cloths are an extension of yourself and the more you nail the right pieces for yourself, the prettier you look.

And where do you begin? For a more outgoing look you can settle for backless wave or laced pattern tops, or even an origami miniskirts. But a miniskirt or a backless top is not the only trendy clothes that will make you look very pretty, in fact there are infinite ways in which you can dress to turn the heads. The best way to dress elegantly and trendily is to first understand your body type.

If you have an inverted triangle kind of a body you can try the V-neck tops, with preferably a high-waist trouser.  A rectangular body types will do well with cloths that would ease the bends into gentle flowing curves. Besides, settle for clothes with a rather dropped waistlines if you have long legs but wear skirts with rather high waistline if you are short so as to make your leg stand out and longer.

4. Wear lipsticks and use contour makeup


Are you insanely into lipsticks? Well, beautiful women treasure their lipsticks because it the secret that can instantly update their looks in seconds, and as if you haven’t tried it yet then you are in for a real treat. And how do you hunt for that perfect shade that will vamp-up your confidence and looks in seconds? It is not as complicated as you might think.

Start by exploring red lipstick that is without a doubt have become iconic among many beautiful ladies and they know their favourites by name. However what makes a lipstick stand out is the striking a balance between your skin and the colour of shades of your lipstick. More shades may make you look out of place and less may fail to inspire and bring out that pretty look.

One other very important aspects to consider to balance your lipsticks with the rest of your make ups. For instance if you use a strong and bright lipstick you may want to wear a lesser bright hairspray. You can begin by wearing the cat’s eyes with a red lipsticks. I bet you will look good.

A counter makeup can transform your face to that of an angel and even better enhance the beauty brought about by other make ups such as your lipsticks and hairsprays. The secret is to find a contour make up that will really bring out the best in you.

5. Keeping your skin and body healthy


Staying healthy is the best and long lasting way to stay pretty. Some of the most important ways in which you can keep your body healthy and your skin glowing include getting enough sleep of approximately 7 to 8 hours daily. Besides you should drink at least 8 glasses of water, avoid smoking and cut down caffeine and alcohol, and finally eat healthy food.